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I was born on December 1, 2007 in Izola. I live in Lucija and am currently attending
Lucija Primary School. I have an older sister Eneja who also gave me my nickname "TenTen".

Grateful fot the support of my family, which is getting stronger day by day,
I first got on a motorcycle when I was 4 years old.

Gasoline vapors addicted me then and addiction is still present today.
When I was 6 I started competing in the mini-moto races.


  • Year 2013: As the youngest competitor I competed at the minimoto races for the first time
    and in my inaugural season I reached the 3rd place overall !

  • Year 2014: I was facing abroad for the first time and in addition to the
    Slovenian championship, I was also participating in the UISP Veneto
    regional championship in Italy.


  • Year 2015: I won the title of Slovenian national runner-up - 2nd place overall.
    In addition to the Italian UISP Triveneto Championship and the Trofeo ItaIia Championship,
    for the first time at only seven years old, I was a participant in the
    European Championships in the Netherlands and in Italy, where I ranked 13th place.


  • Year 2016: I became a national champion for the first time.
    I dedicated myself even more to racing in Italy and so I was competing
    in the Italian national championship for the first time for the Top - Racing team.
    I was ranked 24th among 43 racers. I was 3rd overall in the Italian regional competition
    and 14th overall in the Marco Simoncelli Championship (also in Italy).

  • Year 2017: I was competing in the Italian national championship,
    where I participated in half of the announced races, which was enough for an overall 18th place!
    I also won 1st place in the Italian Interregionale Nordest Championship and 4th place
    in the Marco Simoncelli Championship in Italy.
    The Slovenian national championship in this category was not scored.

  • Year 2018: I became the national champion again.
    I reached the overall 13th place in the Italian national championship !
    In the Marco Simoncelli Championship I was at the 4th place overall.

  • Year 2019: Transition to a higher category. In the Slovenian national championship
    I finished in an excellent 3rd place in the minimoto Open category

    and in the Italian national championship I managed to bring the 7th place
    in a tough competition. I was participating in the European Championship again,
    where I reachd the top 9th place!


  • Year 2020: I became the national runner-up in the Minimoto Open category,
    and I finished 5th overall in the Italian national CIV Junior Minimoto.
    I also took part in the race for the European Championships in Adria,
    Italy in September, where I finished 6th overall.
    I am currently 5th overall in the Marco Simoncelli Championship.


  • In the 2021 season, I will be moving from mini-moto racing
    to speed motorcycle racing, where I will be racing a Yamaha R3
    In my inaugural season, I will compete in the
    Alpe Adria IMC competitions in the SSP 300 category.